Liu Guiping, deputy mayor of Chongqing city, led a Chinese delegation to visit the EKOL logistics company in Hungary and held a forum to discuss about the cooperation prospects.

United News Report, on 6th July, deputy mayor of Chongqing city Liu Guiping led a governmental delegation of nine people to visit the EKOL logistics company in Hungary and held a forum to discuss about the cooperation prospects.

László Mosóczi, Minister of the Ministry for Innovation and Technology of Hungary; Károly Szabó, Director of the National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary; Mr. Miklos Ivan Nemeth, Hungarian Consul in Chongqing; Boda János, CEO of Győr-Sopron-Ebenfurth National Railways; and  Fabian Zoltán, President of Mahat Container Center attended the forum.

Delegates from Chongqing City attended the forum including Liu Guiping, deputy mayor of Chongqing City; Li Bin, deputy director of Economic and Information Technology Committee of Chongqing City; Xu Xincheng, deputy director of Commission of Commerce of Chongqing City; Wang Wen, deputy director of Chongqing Municipal Government Foreign Affairs Office; Lou Fangrui, Chongqing municipal government Officer; Tang Yue, Chongqing Municipal Government Foreign Affairs Office Europe & Africa Sectors; Zhang Rong, Deputy General Manager of Yu XinOu (Chongqing) Logistics Co., Ltd.; Zhang Xiaolong and Gan Yuchen , Representatives of Yu XinOu Germany Co., Ltd..

The forum was hosted by Mr. Kovács Ákos, President of EKOL Logistics. Firstly, he extended a warm welcome to the delegation of Liu Guiping, deputy mayor of Chongqing City, and he introduced the representatives of various departments of Hungary to the Chinese delegation. Mr. Kovács Ákos introduced the information of EKOL Logistics to the guests: EKOL has offices in 18 countries in Europe, and currently has employed more than 7,000 people. Its turnover in 2017 has reached 7.5 billion euros. It has 5,500 transportation equipments such as automobiles, containers, trucks and cranes. It has its own port and its own train, and six freighters travel to and from Europe and North Africa.

The company’s main business scopes are logistics, warehouse storage, customs declaration and customs clearance. CR express is currently the main business area too. There is regular train schedule, from Budapest to Cologne, Germany. It currently operates three times a week. Mr. Kovács Ákos said that Hungary is located in the centre of Europe, it has main traffic roads and is a transport hub connecting many countries. After the goods arrive in Budapest, they can be distributed to the surrounding countries quickly. Regardless of cargo storage, infrastructure, equipment, logistics and customs, etc., EKOL logistics company is capable to handle all of the above. He hopes that in the near future, they can work together with Chongqing city to establish the Chongqing-Budapest, Budapest-Chongqing train schedule as soon as possible.