Three Chinese companies make Change the World list

Three Chinese companies — Alibaba, JD, and Didi Chuxing — have taken positions on Fortune’s Change the World list this year, according to the business magazine.

The magazine said these 57 companies are not only earning large profits, but have also had a positive social impact. E-commerce giant Alibaba ranks fifth on the list, and it wants to drive money to China’s rural areas in a fairly straightforward way, according to Fortune. In March, the Alibaba-backed map service provider Gaode launched a “poverty alleviation map” feature in China’s Henan province. The online map marks local restaurants, petrol stations and stores, aiming to attract more day-trippers into remote villages. JD, China’s second-largest online shopping platform, took the 45th spot on the list. The firm is trying to create new delivery methods in China’s villages.

The firm plans delivery via drone to complete long distance and last-mile deliveries for rural areas. After the logistics network has been built, 70 percent of delivery costs can be saved, said JD’s CEO Liu Qiangdong. The savings will benefit customers and producers.

The ride-hailing platform Didi Chuxing landed in 53rd place, and Fortune said the firm has a solution to China’s endemic traffic problem. Didi Chuxing is working with China’s local authorities on a smart transportation program that includes installing smart traffic lights and “reversible lanes” to improve flow during traffic peaks. The system will reduce delays by up to 20 percent, according to Fortune — an annual savings of 11.5 million commuter hours in some cities.