Hungarians are not afraid of the coronavirus

Almost every Hungarian people have heard about the new type of coronavirus, but:

  • The majority of people believe that the virus will not spread to Hungary and they are not afraid of any infection.
  • Most people consider the information provided by the epidemiological authorities to be credible and believe that there is currently no infection in Hungary.
  • Two-thirds of people are no more afraid of the Chinese than before the infection, but 17 percent avoid all Asians indiscriminately.
  • Most of the people did not take any precautions to prevent infection
  • The general public feel that the authorities are doing their job well to prevent the outbreak.

These are the main findings conducted by ZRI Závecz Research.

Although people seem to get tired of the news after the initial intense interest, however the danger of the pandemic is far from over and the end of the epidemic is far from apparent. There is still a real risk of the virus appearing in Hungary as well.