Huawei launches OpenLab in Paris to help boost domestic companies’ digital transformation

Chinese telecoms giant Huawei has launched Paris OpenLab as part of its plan to create an open system offering innovative solutions to pave the way for digital transformation and promote industry ecosystem development, it said in a statement released on Wednesday.

 “Huawei is an innovative company, we have a global technology platform and our goal is to make this platform available to French companies for the co-construction of solutions,” said Shi Weiliang, Managing Director of Huawei France. “With the opening of this OpenLab, we are taking a new step in our support of the French ecosystem in order to allow it to spread abroad,” he added.

The OpenLab Paris, the second such platform of Huawei in Europe following that in Germany, will ” support competitiveness of French companies” by improving expertise in retail, smart city, connected car and internet fields. 50 French partners, including Orange Business Services (OBS), the PSA Group and Thales, attended the opening ceremony of the Chinese group’s innovative platform in Paris.

Worldwide, Huawei aims to invest $200 million and mobilize 1,000 people to build 20 OpenLabs by 2019. “The OpenLab is a platform for cooperation between technology partners for the development of new products and solutions that meet the needs submitted by customers,” the Chinese group said.