Alibaba’s new AI system can detect coronavirus in seconds with 96% accuracy

Chinese technology giant Alibaba recently developed an AI system for diagnosing the COVID-19 (coronavirus). Alibaba claims its new system can detect coronavirus in CT scans of patients’ chests with 96% accuracy against viral pneumonia cases. And it only takes 20 seconds for the AI to make a determination – according to the report, humans generally take about 15 minutes to diagnose the illness as there can be upwards of 300 images to evaluate.

The system was trained on images and data from 5,000 confirmed coronavirus cases and has already been tested in hospitals throughout China. According to the Review’s report, at least 100 healthcare facilities are currently employing Alibaba’s AI.

But it’s not the only one in town capable of detecting the coronavirus. Rival healthcare organization Ping An recently announced a very similar-sounding system.

Forrás: Nikkei Asian Review