Curretly, it is very unlikely that the new pneumonia-causing coronavirus will appear in any EU member states, though the celebration of the Chinese Lunar New Year will bring a significant increase in passenger traffic to and within China at the end of January – the National Center for Public Health told MTI on Thursday.

However, the virus appeared in Europe shortly afterwards.

It was emphasized that three cities of EU Member States (London, Paris, Rome) has direct flight connection to Wuhan. From high-traffic airports of other EU countries Wuhan can be reached by transfer. The Chinese authorities introduced health screening of travelers (fever measurement) at Wuhan International Airport on January 15. Travellers with fever are undergoing further examination.

How to protect yourself?

Center for Public Health emphasized to travelers to China: At present, compliance with hygiene rules for the prevention of acute respiratory disease is of paramount importance.

It is strongly advised to frequently wash your hands, avoid contact with sick people or animals. markets selling live or slaughtered animals and animalmarkets. Seasonal influenza viruses are also circulating in China at the moment, so travelers are advised to vaccinate against influenza.

There is no vaccine available to prevent pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus. It is important mportant that if a traveler experiences respiratory symptoms before, during or after the trip, see a doctor and tell them where he or she was.

Source: MTI