By Thursday night, 830 people had been diagnosed with the virus in China, while the number of deaths had risen to 25. Traffic blockades have already been introduced in nine Central Chinese cities on Friday to curb the spread of the new coronavirus. Hupei Province, the origin of the epidemic declared the highest level of public health crisis.

Security measures have also been introduced in Europe: after Belgrade airport, Rome has tightened up.

China’s Finance Ministry was allocating 1 billion yuan ($145 million) in funding to the Hubei provincial government to help with efforts to contain the outbreak of a new coronavirus.

All schools and kindergartens in Hubei Province have been closed for an indefinite period. And several educational institutions nationwide are extending the Lunar New Year holiday which original ends up the end of January.

At Rome Airport, passengers on scheduled flights from Wuhan must pass through gates equipped with a thermal cameras. Arriving passengers must also fill in a questionnaire indicating, inter alia, their place of residence in Italy.

There are three direct flights a week between the Italian capital and Wuhan: many Chinese and Italians travel between the two countries in both directions.

Source: MTI